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Wedding mandap with traditional look is also referring as the INDIAN MANDAP. We have special collection for the specific arrangement for Indian mandap. It may be define as an attractive frame, supported by pillars with pedestal for the sacred fire. We have wide collection of royal chairs for the groom and bride. We also possess great collections of side chairs for parents and other relatives. Our team of executives is well known with all customs and traditions of our ethnic culture.

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They are able to make arrangement with minute planning according to tradition. We frequently use garlands of mango leaves and garlands of flowers. We also add the decoration of glowing clothes, lights, flowers, crystals and diamonds. Wise arrangement of decorative material and intelligent color combination lead the extra ordinary outlook, which is more than sufficient to make your day more special for you and your loved ones

  • Attractive traditional look
  • Eye-catching color combination
  • Smart integration of custom and fashion

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